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Aerie The Illusionist
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 1 4 6 5 3 5 10
Demi-God 9 8 14 13 6 13 90

Fame Req'd 40
Hiring Cost 500 gold
Maintenance 10 gold per turn
Skills Illusionary Attacks, Missle Immunity
Hero Skills Spell Caster
Rndm Skills 2 Mage picks
Spells Psionic Blast, Vertigo, Mind Storm

Imagine if you will, taking a group of Elite Hammerhands or Pikemen, stripping them down to their underwear, and then getting a free shot at them. No protection whatsoever. That is exactly what you get with Aerie The Illusionist. Her Illusionary attacks completely ignore a defending unit's shields unless the unit is immune to illusion attacks. That means that every successful hit (attack strength multiplied by Aerie's To Hit) inflicts damage! Wow!

The only drawback to Aerie's Illusionary attacks is that they are useless against monsters with Illusion Immunity or True Sight. And there are a lot of monsters with this immunity. Virtually all undead creatures have it as well as Sky Drakes and Angels. Knowing this, you realize that Aerie's Illusionary attacks are only useful on most normal and some fantastic creatures. But still, what an amazing skill!

Now that we have looked at Aerie's major attribute, let's look at her other benefits. As with most spell-casters, she has Missile Immunity and cannot be hurt by bowmen and slingers. She also has a powerful casting ability and some great spells to go along with it. Aerie possesses one of my favorite spells: Mind Storm. Mind Storm is a sorcery spell which reduces a target unit's attack, defense, and resistance by 5! Used on a normal unit, it renders them worthless. Used on a tough fantastic unit, it weakens them enough to make them easier to kill. The real beauty of this spells is that it cannot be resisted unless the unit has immunity to illusion! My favorite tactic is to use Mind Storm on a really tough unit and then either cast Confusion or Disintegrate on them. Because their resistance has been reduced by 5, they are unlikely to resist either of these spells!

If you are a MoM player who prefers non-sorcery spell books, Aerie is a real gem. Her powerful sorcery spells and attacks help you to balance out your magic ability.

Next, we cannot overlook Aerie's 2 random mage picks. The obvious hope for one or both of her random picks would be:

Arcane Power (Super if you're really lucky).

However, one of the following could be useful as well:

More spell casting skill, or
Prayer Master.

I would almost call Aerie a great bargain if it wasn't for the fact that she is so damn expensive. She requires 40 fame, 500 gold, and 10 gold per turn! Ouch! But I guess you get what you pay for. Give Aerie magical artifacts, especially ones which boost her To Hit ratio, and she will wipe out almost any creature. I have even seen Aerie take out a Great Drake (not a Sky Drake) in a single shot once! Wow!

One word of caution before we finish with Aerie. She is not the type of hero who can take out lairs, nodes, and enemy cities on her own. True, she is powerful, but once faced with a unit with Illusion Immunity, she can be in big trouble. Her defense really sucks so if a group of zombies were to get close enough to her, they could eat her pretty eyes for lunch. Its best to have Aerie travel with a group of other heroes or with a group of powerful normal units like Paladins. Better to be safe than sorry.

I would strongly suggest adding Aerie to your arsenal.

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