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Allora The Elven Archer
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1/2 star

LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit bow
Hero 5 6 6 6 3 8
Demi-God 13 10 14 14 10 16

Fame Req'd 40
Hiring Cost 500 gold
Maintenance 10 gold per turn
Skills Forest Walk, Mountain Walk, Pathfinding
Hero Skills Blade Master
Rndm Skills 3 Fighter/Mage Picks

What an awesome hero! Allora is one of my all time favorites and is a must-have hero each and every game. What's so awesome about her? Of all the archers in Master of Magic©, Allora is the best! Once you get her properly equipped with magic weapons, she can take down a Sky Drake in 1 or 2 shots! Being an archer, she is one of the few heroes capable of taking down a Sky Drake with a ranged attack. (Remember that Sky Drakes have magic immunity and your spell casters can't touch them.)

If you look closely, Allora is very similar to Shuri The Huntress, but she has a slight edge. Her ranged attacks are +4 more powerful and her defense has +3 more shields. This is obviously an advantage. She also shares Shuri's Forest Walk, Mountain Walk, and Path Finding making her a quick little vixen. And just like Shuri, she is also a Blade Master which means she will get a 100% chance To Hit at Demi-God level. This makes her an amazingly accurate and powerful hero.

If these were the only differences over Shuri, I would have suggested that you stick with Shuri throughout the game and don't bother with Allora. However, Allora's 3 random picks in any cateory are far more valuable than Shuri's 1 random fighter pick. What to look for with Allora:

Super Blade Master (only takes 1 pick!),
Agility (1 pick) or Super Agility (2 picks),
Charmed, or
Spell Caster.

Now if you've been paying attention to my previous notes, you're probably wondering why in the hell I am suggesting the Charmed attribute, and NOT suggesting Arcane Power. First of all, Allora is an archer. This means that she will pick off enemy units from the back of the battle field and will not engage in melee combat. Therefore, it is much more likely that you enemies will attempt to kill her either with ranged attacks (bows, catapults, magical) or with negative units spells (confusion, disintegrate, black sleep, weakness). The Agility picks I recommended above will help to protect Allora from the ranged attacks and the Charmed pick will help protect her from the negative enchantments.

As far as why I did not recommend Arcane Power, I am of the understanding that it only increases a units magical ranged attacks, not normal ranged attacks (bows). However, a few of you seem to be convinced that Arcane Power actually does increase normal ranged attacks. Until I test this out for myself, I am not recommending this for Allora.

I don't know if I conveyed the real value of Allora here or not, so you might be confused why I consider her so important. I forgot to mention that she should be equipped with a +6 attack magic bow, and don't worry about adding in too many +To Hit modifiders. Just concentrate on giving her attack and defense strength and any special magical attack modifiers. My favorite is to give her bow "Lightning" armor-piercing attacks. This requires (4?) Chaos spell books, but what a devastating effect! Once you properly equip Allora, she will be doing around 30 points of damage at 100% chance to hit. KA-POW!

Needless to say, I highly recommend Allora to any MoM player.

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