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The Golden One
Rating: 1 star 1 star 0 star 0 star 0 star

LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 6 6 6 6 3 6 5
Demi-God 14 10 14 14 6 14 45

Fame Req'd 10
Hiring Cost 200 gold
Maintenance 4 gold per turn
Skills None
Hero Skills None
Rndm Skills 2 Fighter or Mage
Spells None

Unpredictable. Get used to this word. Aureus is the type of hero who can be worthless one game, and devastating the next. What's the difference? His 2 random fighter OR mage picks. If you look at Aureus's stats, he has an average amount of swords and magical ranged attack strength. Neither is too weak, neither is too strong. Therefore, the skills he gains through his random picks will determine first, how will you use Aureus (fighter or mage?) and second, will you want him at all? That is why he only gets 2 stars. He is unpredictable.

From personal experience, I avoid using Aureus if he has strong fighter skills. Why? Becuase he has magical ranged attacks. Even if you were to beef-up Aureus so he is a great melee fighter, he still has to use his magical ranged attacks first. That means he will be casting wimpy magical ranged attacks for the first few turns until his casting ability runs out. It is better for Aurues to have strong mage skills, and depend on his fighting skills only if he has to. What type of mage skills should you look for with Aureus?

Arcane Power, (Super if you are lucky)
Sage, or
Spell Caster (increase).

The only time I would consider taking Aureus with both a fighter and a mage pick would be:

Blade Master + one of the mage picks listed above.

I have yet to play a game with Aureus in which I enjoyed using him. I often avoid Aureus and go for something better. I would suggest you do the same.

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