Elana The Priestess
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 2 5 6 5 3 8 12
Demi-God 10 9 14 13 6 25 112

Fame Req'd 40 & Life Books!
Hiring Cost 500 gold
Maintenance Free!
Skills Natural Healer, Purification
Hero Skills Charmed, Arcane Power, Noble, Super Prayer Master, Caster
Rndm Skills None
Spells Healing, Prayer, Dispel Evil, Holy Word

Elana is all that is pure and sweet. Remember that girl you went to High School with who looked like Elle McPherson and went to church four times a week? The one who wouldn't be a cheerleader because the uniforms were too skimpy? The one every guy wanted to get busy with but didn't even try because they knew she was locked at the knees? This is that girl.

OK. Now that you have the image firmly fixed in your mind, imagine that she is really pissed off. I mean hot. Steaming hot. Smoke pouring out of her ears and all that stuff. This gives you a good idea of what you're dealing with when you pick up Elana The Priestess. She has a sweet and caring side which will greatly benefit your troops, and a mean and hateful side for her enemies. As Duke Nukem would say, she's going to "tear em' a new one".

First, lets look at her sweet side. Elana is so sweet, even the Gods like her and have given her a Charmed life. This means she never fails a resistance roll on a nasty unit spell. Her charm is so strong in fact, that she is a Super Prayer Master which gives all troops a bonus to their resistance in combat! She is also rich and contributes 10 gold to your bankroll each turn and will work for you out of the goodness in her heart. Being a Natural Healer, Elana will heal any troops stacked with her at the end of each turn and her Purification ability allows her to heal any of your corrupted land. (It almost sounds like she came out of a Disney© movie and she should have little birds swirling around her head...)

However, she is not all sugar and spice. Elana also has an extremely powerful magical ranged attack which is backed by Arcane Power. Rarely is such a "priestess" granted such a nasty power, but that is why she is a Champion. Elana's hatred for evil allows her to use her magical ranged attacks to blast away her enemies. Luckily for you, she's also kinda dumb. Just tell her your opponents are devil worshipers or IRS auditors, and she will kill them too.

When it comes to crushing evil -- as in undead -- enemies, there is no better Champion than Elana. She has a whole list of powerful spells to help her do her work. Her Prayer spell will give all of your troops a +1 bonus to their To Hit, resistance, and defense making sure they do better in battle. Just in case any of them get hurt, she can cast Healing to mend their wounds. When faced with a particularly nasty evil unit, she can cast Dispel Evil. This beauty of a spell gives an evil unit a -4 spell save to resist, or perish instantly. If the unit has been raised from the dead, they have to save at -9! Its sort of like a Disintegration spell, but just for evil units. Finally, when really faced with a challenge, Elana pulls out all the stops and casts Holy Word. This spell inflicts a burning holy light on each evil figure of each and every evil unit forcing them to save at -2 (-7 if undead). This spell is more like a Flame Strike for the undead. Watch her take out a group of zombies in a single turn! Wow!

The last real benefit of Elana the Priestess is her casting ability. Once she is a Demi-God, she will be capable of casting 112 points worth of spells each and every battle! Or if you leave her at your fortress, she will contribute 66 points of her skill each turn to your overland spells! Give her a magical staff laced with +20 spell skill, and she will kick evil ass all day! She will get medieval on their decaying buttocks! :)

Unfortunatley, Elana does not come with any random picks. Thats one bad point. Therefore, she has no chance of getting her Arcane Power boosted up or getting Blade Master to make her more accurate. These are major drawbacks. The second is that she only seems to be of value when fighting evil and undead units. If most of your opponents have Death spells books, thats great. If not, you might think twice about hiring her. There are other spell casters better suited to killing all types of units than Elana.

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