The Draconian
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit breath
Hero 7 5 6 8 3 5
Demi-God 24 9 14 16 6 13

Fame Req'd 10
Hiring Cost 200 gold
Maintenance 4 gold per turn
Skills Flying
Hero Skills Might
Rndm Skills 2 Fighter Picks

For those familiar with the DragonLance series of books by Tracy Weis and Margaret Hickman, you will remember that Draconians were the evil creation of dragon eggs magically transformed into humaniod form. However, they retained their wings and I think their breath attack as well. Anyway, there is a little background for you on Draconians.

Fang is another favorite of mine. What could be more convenient in a mid-level hero than to get Flight and Might right off the bat? Well, for starters Fang also gets a Breath Attack! Therefore, Fang gets 2 attacks per turn: a breath attack followed by a melee attack. In addition to this wonderful list, he also gains 2 random fighter picks! As Eddie Murphy used to say, "Whadda bargin! That is a bargin fo me!"

Ask any MoM player who uses heroes to win their games, and they will tell you that the ability to fly is extremely important. Not only does it allow their heroes to travel faster, but it protects them from ground units who do not have ranged weapons. However, giving most heroes the ability to fly is not easy. They either have to be enchanted (Flight or Windwalking spell), transformed (Chaos Channels), or have a magical item with Flight. The beauty of Fang is that his flight is an inherent skill, and cannot be dispelled. The only way to stop Fang from flying is to cast a Web spell on him or kill him. But as I am about to explain, its not easy to kill this flying lizard.

By looking at Fang's stats, you can easily see that he will be a good fighter. His Might skill gives him an attack of 24 at Demi-God. Give Fang a +6 attack Axe and a few enchantments, and he will wind up with a melee attack somewhere around 35! And we have not even spoken about his 2 random picks yet! What to pray for with Fang:

Super Might (only takes 1 random pick!),
Blade Master or Super Blade Master,
Agility or Super Agility,
Constitution or Super Constitution,
Arms Master,

or any combination of the above.

I would strongly suggest using Fang. And by the number of e-mail message I have received praising Fang, I don't think I need to explain any further.

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