Malleus The Magician
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 1 5 10 5 3 8 10
Demi-God 9 9 18 13 6 25 90

Fame Req'd 5
Hiring Cost 150 gold
Maintenance 3 gold per turn
Skills Missle Immunity
Hero Skills Arcane Power, Spell Caster
Rndm Skills 1 Mage pick
Spells Fire Bolt, Fireball, Fire Elemental, Flame Strike

Oooohhhhh baby... I don't even know where to begin praising Malleus. I might go so far as to say he is the best bargin in Master of Magic©. Some might disagree with me, but let me make my case.

To start with, Malleus is a powerful spell caster with magical ranged attacks which are boosted by his Arcane Power. Malleus does 25 points of damage at Demi-God level, and that's before you even give him a +6 staff! Once properly equipped, you will have Malleus firing off 33-37 point attacks! And with the amount of casting ability he has, he can keep this up for about 25 turns (3 points of mana per magical ranged attack).

Next, Malleus is all Chaos, my favorite. He is equipped with the spells Fire Bolt, Fireball, Fire Elemental, and Flame Strike! Flame Strike, for those of you not familiar with it, is a devestating spell which attacks each and every enemy unit with a +15 strength fireball attack. Cast this spell once or twice, and you can wipe out an entire army! Give Malleus magical items with +20 skill, and he can cast Flame Strike all day! Burn baby, burn.....

As if this list wasn't impressive enough to make me wet my pants, Malleus also gets 1 random mage pick! By this point, it doesn't really matter what he gets because he already kicks butt. However, if you did something right in a past life, God will grant you:

Super Arcane Power (only takes 1 pick!)

Now think for a minute. You get all this, all fire-breathing butt-kicking, toast-making, ass-whooping jewel of a hero for only 5 fame, 150 hiring cost, and 3 gold per turn! Damn! If you play you cards right, you could have Malleus within the first 20 turns of your game! Give Malleus the items he so dearly needs, and it's GAME OVER!

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