Morgana The Witch
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 1 5 36 5 3 8 10
Demi-God 9 9 44 13 6 16 90

Fame Req'd 10
Hiring Cost 200 gold
Maintenance 4 gold per turn
Skills Missle Immunity
Hero Skills Charmed, Spell Caster
Rndm Skills 2 Mage picks
Spells None

Ain't that just about a bitch.

In previous versions of Master of Magic© Morgana the Witch was a truly evil woman with some horrible spells which made her quite a desirable hero. However, in version 1.31 it seems that Morgana has lost all of her spells! This means that she contributes nothing to your spell books, effectively making her less valuable. What were they thinking? I guess we will never know, but lets take a second look at Morgana and see what we can salvage from this mess.

Luckily, Morgana is still a spell-caster and a damned good one at that. She comes with a spell casting skill of 90 at Demi-God level! This could be used for attacking your enemies with her magical ranged attacks, or if you kept her at your fortress she would contribute 45 skill points towards the casting of overland spells! Not too shabby. But as everyone knows, heroes are not meant to be kept at home warming up the bench. So lets see if Morgana would make a good fighter.

To start with, she has the Charmed attribute. This means she is totally immune to the enemies negative enchantments like Black Sleep, Weakness, Warp Creature, ... and so on. This will obviously help Morgana survive more of those nasty battles where enemy wizards are casting everything in the book. Secondly, she also gains Missile Immunity for being a spell caster. This prevents all bowmen and slingers from picking her off with ranged attacks. Is this enough to make Morgana a valuable fighter? Not really. The only chance Morgana really has of making the grade is her two random Mage picks. Here is what you should be looking for if you intend to use Morgana:

Arcane Power

Arcane Power would grant her the magical punch necessary to make her a good fighter. If God decides to smile on you and grant you Super Arcane Power (2 picks), grab her!

Blade Master

Blade Master would make her attacks more accurate which is always a critical factor. A Blade Master/Arcane Power combo would make her EXTREMELY valuable.

After realizing Morgana's major withdrawl of her evil death spells, I almost conisdered making her a Mid-Level hero, but I realized that she is the only Mage up to this point who gets 2 random picks. Aureus The Golden One is the only other hero with 2 random picks (any), but personally I think he sucks so I stuck him in the Mid-Level category. :) So in a nutshell, Morgana has potential, but I would not recommend you take her unless she comes with the prescribed picks.

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Last Modified 11/26/96