Mortu The Black Knight
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star

LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit
Hero 9 5 6 10 3
Demi-God 26 9 14 27 10

Fame Req'd 40 & Death Books
Hiring Cost 500 gold
Maintenance 10 gold
Skills First Strike, Armor Piercing, Magic Immunity
Hero Skills Legendary, Might, Blade Master, Constitution
Rndm Skills 1 Fighter pick

For those of you who have been reading some of my notes on the other heroes, you've probably noticed that I make references to the "DragonLance" series of books from Tracy Weis and Margret Hickman. I happened to love these books when I was growing up and I still remember all the characters to this day. If you've ever had the pleasure of reading them, you undoubtely remember Lord Soth, the truly evil death knight. Needless to say, I had him in mind when I wrote the description for Mortu The Black Knight.

Every MoM Player I know will never argue the fact that Paladins are one of the most awesome units in the game. Their combination of First Strike/Armor Piercing and Magic Immunity makes them incredibly powerful and almost impossible to kill. Therefore, most players will immediately see the power of Mortu The Black Knight. If you still don't see it, allow me to explain:

First I will explain the value of Mortu's First Strike attacks. As long as Mortu initiates the attack, it allows him to inflict his damage before the defending unit has a chance to counter-attack. In most melee attacks, the attacking and defending units get to inflict damage simultaneously. Therefore, both units inflict damage and get hurt. However, Mortu will get to deal his blow first without getting hurt himself, and whatever figures still remain in the defending unit will then attempt to counter-attack and hurt Mortu. Notice how I said "attempt" to hurt Mortu. Chances are, there won't be enough figures left (if any) to hurt him. :)

The First Strike attribute almost seems to give a unit an unfair advantage. However, there are two facts which players must know. First, the unit with First Strike must initiate the attack in order to get the "first strike". If Mortu is melee attacked by an enemy unit, the engagement will be an ordinary melee attack without any "first strike" advantage. That is why you must learn to position Mortu so that he always gets to attack, and does not have to defend. Second, there are units with the "Negate first strike" attribute. These are particulary nasty little units like Pikemen which can tear paladins, or Mortu, to shreds. If Mortu does not have a lot of shields, keep him away from these types of units and he'll be O.K. Keep these two facts in mind when using Mortu and you'll do just fine.

Regardless if Mortu manages to initiate the attack and get his "first strike" benefit, he also has Armor Piercing attacks. This is beautiful because it halves the defening unit's shields before Mortu inflicts his damage. This does not mean much when attacking a 3-shield unit like spearmen or swordsmen. However, take a unit like a Great Drake with it's 10 shields, and Mortu will reduce that to 5! He will easily blast through those 5 shields and every thing after that starts taking away hit points! Beautiful! (Of course, since the Great Drake has a 30 Fire Breath attack AND a 30 melee attack, I would strongly suggest that Mortu initiate the attack so he does not wind up getting cooked in his armor!)

Hopefully this helps you to understand why First Strike/Armor Piercing attacks are so valuable. When the two are combined, it is an amazing thing. But Mortu takes this type of an attack two steps further. He is also equipped with the Might and Blade Master attributes. Might will grant Mortu an attack of 26 at Demi-God and Blade Master will ensure that all 26 attacks have a 100% chance of inflicting damage! Wow! So once he blasts past a unit's shields with his armor piercing and the unit has to stand there and take the damage because its a "first strike" attack, Mortu will inflict so much accurate damage that most units will be killed before they ever get the chance to counter-attack! In my mind, this alone grants Mortu 4 & 1/2 stars. But wait, it gets better.

Mortu's Constitution helps to make him a tough son-of-a-bitch and won't let him die easily. At Demi-God level, he has 27 hit-points! This is extremely important since he will be going up against the likes of Great Drakes and Great Wyrms on his own. These creatures have melee attacks around 30 and could easily kill Mortu if not for his high Constitution. However, if you plan Mortu's defense properly, he will only have to take half that damage if any at all.

Mortu also comes equipped with the Legendary attribute. For each level of Legendary he has, it increases your fame by 3! At Demi-God, Mortu will increase your fame by a total of 81 points (27 x 3)! And your going to need it too. Since Mortu can only be employed by a wizard who possesses Death Spell Books, the other wizards will hate you and you might have some unrest in your cities. This boost to your fame will help to ease out the unrest and help keep down the cost of your army.

Whew! Read enough yet? Well hold on, there is just a little bit more to cover.

As if it were the cherry on top of a huge ice-cream sunday, Mortu also gains 1 random fighter pick! Holy Jesus, that's almost unfair! This is why he gets a 5-star rating. He is already powerful enough to take on almost any unit, but this will make him unstoppable:


Mortu desprately needs more defense. You will be able to boost his shields with magical items, such as +8 defense plate mail, but that will only get him so far. Also, it can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Agility will grant Mortu a defense of 18 at Demi-God, and once you heap on the magical items and enchantments, he will easily reach 25 or 30. So Agility will help to round out his ass-kicking resume and give him the ultimate fighter combination: Might, Agility, and Constitution.

Personally, I'm not much for playing with Death Spell Books. However, once I see what it can get me, I might just reconsider. Team Mortu up with Ravashak The Necromancer and you will have a hideously evil and unstoppable team.

With 5-stars do I even need to tell you that I highly, highly, recommend Mortu The Black Knight? I didn't think so.

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