Mystic X The Unknown
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1/2 star 0 star

LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 5 4 10 8 3 5 5
Demi-God 13 8 18 16 6 13 45

Fame Req'd 20?
Hiring Cost 300 gold
Maintenance 6 gold per turn
Skills None
Hero Skills None
Rndm Skills 5 Fighter/Mage picks
Spells None

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Mystic X. Is he a hero or a champion? How much fame is required to be approached by him? Is he summoned with the Summon Hero or Summon Champion spell? Well, I don't really know and I don't really care.

Here is what I do know. Based on his initial attributes, he qualifies as a Mid-Level Hero. Take a look at him and you will realize that he is not that impressive to start with. But his 5 random picks from any category gives Mystic X the potential to rival a High-Level Champion! However, random picks are exactly what they claim to be: random. You never know what picks he will get. This is undoubtably where all of the controversy stems from. This is also why he only gets 3 & 1/2 stars.

Some players have gotten Mystic X with a crappy combination of picks like Lucky, Noble, Charmed, More Spell casting ability, and Sage. Not that these picks suck, but when combined together they do not help Mystic X at all. In this case, I would still classify him as a Mid-Level hero. However, luck is on our side since Mystic X has 5 picks to choose from, so chances are he will at least be a good hero to use.

What makes a hero like this great? Well, once again we have a melee/magical ranged attack hero. I kinda hate heroes like this because they wind up unbalanced. The worst situation is when the hero has a strong melee attack, but a wimpy magical ranged attack and lots of spell casting skill. This is because the hero has to use up his spell casting skill first either by casting spells or using his magical ranged attacks. At only 3 mana per magical attack, this could take a few turns. By the time he has used up his skill, the battle could almost be over!

To avoid the situation above, I always prefer to make these types of heroes magical attack fighters. And it usually works out for the better. They wind up with a powerful magical punch, but are not afraid to get into the thick of battle and duke it out once they run out of mana. A perfect example of this type of hero is Warrax The Chaos Warrior.

So what would I look for in Mystic X to make him an awesome hero? Let's try a few combinations:

I'm going to start with what I think would be the perfect picks:

Arcane Power,
Blade Master,
Agility, and

This would give Mystic X the magical punch (Arcane Power) and the accuracy (Blade Master) to deal out death with his magical ranged attacks. And then when faced with a melee encounter, he wouldn't have to fear getting hurt (Agility & Constitution). Finally, his melee attacks would be strong too (Might + Blade Master). In this particular instance, I would classify Mystic X as a Mid to High-Level Champion. Wow!

Next, since I would rather have Mystic X as a magical fighter than a melee fighter, lets take a look at some possible picks:

Super Arcane Power (2 picks),
Blade Master,
More Spell Casting ability, and

With Super Arcane Power and Blade Master, Mystic X would be able to take out almost anything! I gave him more spell casting skill to make sure he doesn't run out of mana when using magical ranged attacks. Finally, I thought it would be best to make sure he is at least protected by giving him Agility. This would probably qualify him as a High-Level Hero to a Mid-Level Champion! That's still damn good!

Finally, here is my "army leader" version of Mystic X:

Arms Master,
Super Leadership (2 picks),
Prayer Master, and
(Arcane Power or,
Blade Master.)

This version of Mystic X is meant to lead an army! His Arms Master will give experience points to troops stacked with him each turn. Once he is a Demi-God, his Super Leadership will grant a bonus of +4 melee, thrown, breath, and missile attack strength to troops who are in combat with him! DAMN! And his Prayer Master skill will grant up to +9 resistance to troops with him in combat! And finally, since we also want Mystic X to be able to do some damage, he will get either Arcane Power or Blade master. Give him a stack of 8 Ultra Elite Paladins with Adamantium weapons, and they would be unstoppable! This combination would qualify him for High-Level Hero or Mid-Level Champion status.

Needless to say, Mystic X can be a real ass-kicker if the cards are dealt in your favor. However, don't hesitate to pass-up Mystic X if his picks do not help him. There are plenty of other Heroes and Champions who are better equipped to do the job.

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