Ravashack The Necromancer
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 1 5 6 5 3 7 12
Demi-God 9 9 14 13 6 24 112

Fame Req'd 40 & Death Books
Hiring Cost 500 gold
Maintenance 10 gold per turn
Skills Life Stealing Attacks, Missile Immunity
Hero Skills Arcane Power, Spell Casting
Rndm Skills 2 Mage picks
Spells Weakness, Black Sleep

If there is one hero in Master of Magic© who is truly evil, Ravashack The Necromancer is it.

To begin with, Ravashack is one of the most powerful magic users in the game. His Arcane Power and incredibly high casting ability grant him devastating ranged attacks which he can shoot all day. But what makes him so damned evil are his life-stealing attacks. For those of you not familiar with Death magic, life-stealing attacks literally suck the hit points out of the defending unit and transfer them to the attacker! Not only is this a bonus for wizards with death magic - since they have no healing spells - but it is one of the most effective means of restoring a unit's health. However, its not as simple as it sounds. Allow me to explain...

A life-stealing attack is a special attack which takes place simultaneously with the units normal attack. When the attack takes place, the attacking unit rolls a 10d dice. For each point the dice roll is above the defending unit's resistance, the defender loses a hit point, and the attacker gains one hit point! Lets look at an example:

Ravashack finds himself facing a unit which has 3 shields and 4 resistance. Since Ravashack has magical ranged life-stealing attacks, he attacks from a distance and gets to draw first blood. When the damage is calculated from his magical ranged attacks, he also rolls an 7 (from a 10d dice). The opposing unit's resistance of 4 brings Ravashack's die roll down to 3 (7-4=3). The remaining 3 die rolls are used to suck 3 hit points out of the opposing unit and are given to Ravashack as hit points! If Ravashack does this enough, he can completely heal himself in combat!

Not only do life-stealing attacks allow Ravashack to heal himself, but if the opposing unit has more than 50% of its hit points stolen from a life-stealing attack and is then killed, it will rise from the dead and serve you as an undead unit! And i'm not talking about a wimpy zombie unit. Whatever the opposing unit was (Hammerhand, Minatour, Griffin, ...) it comes back as that unit in undead form. Just imagine an undead Minatour guarding the city that Ravashack just conquered. Burrrrr... I get chills just thinking about it.

As with any spell which depends upon the opposing unit's resistance, giving Ravashack magical items with -(n) Spell Saves will help his life-stealing capabilities. By lowering their resistance through Spell Saves and spells like Black Prayer or Mind Storm, Ravashack's die roll will have a much greater effect on tougher units. For example, any tough unit with a resistance of 10 would be almost immune to Ravashack's life-stealing attacks because he can only roll a 10 or less. But if Ravashack had a -4 Spell Save amulet, the unit's resistance would be lowered to 6 thus greatly improving Ravashack's chance of life-stealing!

This life-stealing stuff sounds great, huh? But wait, its not that simple. It seems that Ravashack only gets to use his life-stealing attacks if he needs the hit points. If Ravashack is at full health, his life-stealing attacks have absolutely no effect! What a pisser! But if you are smart, or at least of average intelligence, you can find a way to get around this. When entering into combat, find a low-level unit which can inflict some slight damage to Ravashack, but not enought to actually kill him. Each turn, allow the enemy unit to hurt Ravashack before he executes his attack. That way he will be able to execute his life-stealing attacks on the bigger & nastier units.

Don't get too hung up on Ravashack's life-stealing capabilities becuase he's just as dangerous without them. Take a look at his stats and you'll notice he has a magical ranged attack of 24 at Demi-God! This is due to his inherent Arcane Power. Give him a +6 attack staff and other enchantments, and he is easily capable of reaching an attack strength of 40! Ouch! What if you also gave his staff armor-piercing Lightning attacks (Chaos pick)? Mega Ouch! And with his incredibly high spell casting ability he can shoot these magical attacks all day.

Regarding Ravashack's inherent spells, there is some confusion. The Official Strategy Guide claims that he comes with Weakness, Black Sleep, Animate Dead, and the greatly feared Wrack. However, after some players brough it to my attention, we learned that he does not have Animate Dead or Wrack (what a shame). However, we believe he still does have Weakness and Black Sleep which are fairly good spells. Black Sleep is especially good if Ravashack has -(n) Spell Saves. With enough Spell Saves, he can put damn near anything to sleep and easily kill it.

Now let's get down to the really important question. What do you want Ravashack to get for his random picks? To begin with, Ravashack is defensively weak and vulnerable to enemy spells. To begin with, I would suggest:


This will protect Ravashack from any enemy spells which depend upon his resistance.

Prayer Master

Since Ravashack is so vulnerable, he should NEVER be allowed to travel alone. And since you want to make sure his army is protected, Prayer Master will help to raise their resistance as well. This will ensure everybody is protected from negative enemy spells like Confusion, Black Sleep, or Wrack.

To be honest, I take Ravashack regardless of what his random picks are. I'm just damned glad to have him. Remeber, you can only get Ravashack with Death Spell books as well as Mortu The Black Knight. And since you need to keep Ravashack well protected, doesn't it make sense to pair him up with Mortu? When together, they are unstoppable!

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