Shalla The
Amazon Warrior
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit thrown
Hero 7 4 36 8 3 4
Demi-God 24 8 44 16 10 12

Fame Req'd 20
Hiring Cost 300 gold
Maintenance 6 gold per turn
Skills None
Hero Skills Charmed, Might, Blade Master
Rndm Skills 1 Fighter Pick

Shalla, another personal favorite. If you took the time to read the Low-level hero descriptions, you know by know that I worship heroes with the "Thrown" attribute. "Its the bomb!" [:) If you are not familiar with the value of the Thrown attribute, check out my description of Bahgtru The Orc Warrior. Shalla has the highest thrown attack of any of the heroes, and once you equip her with a +6 axe, it will be doing around 20 points of pre-meele attack! KA-BANG!

Add to the fact that Shalla has Might, and her normal melee attacks are 24 at Demi-God! But once again, when she gets that +6 axe, she will be doing closer to 35 points of damage! KA-POW!

Almost as if it were icing on the cake, Shalla is a Blade Master, and her attacks do 100% damage at the Demi-God level! For heavens sake! Does it get any better than this? Actually it does...

Shalla is Charmed, which means you never have to worry about her failing a resistance roll on a nasty spell. Not the greatest pick in the world, but by this point who cares? However, what we do care about is her 1 random fighter pick! Shalla already has enough to make her an awesome fighter. So whatever she gets will either not matter, or make her even more awesome. Here is what you should pray for:

Agility (she REALLY needs better defense), or

But the following wouldn't hurt and could be somewhat useful:

Arms Master,
Leadership, or

I don't think I even need to say it, but I would highly recommend Shalla to anyone.

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Last Modified 8/21/96