Shuri the Huntress
Rating: 1 star 1/2 star 0 star 0 star 0 star

LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit bow
Hero 5 3 6 7 3 4
Demi-God 13 7 14 15 10 12

Fame Req'd 0
Hiring Cost 100 gold
Maintenance 2 gold per turn
Skills Forest Walk, Mountain Walk, Pathfinding
Hero Skills Blade Master
Rndm Skills 1 Fighter Pick

Shuri is actually a fairly good bargain for the money. Why? Well, although her ranged and melee attacks are not that impressive, her Blade Master ability is. If you look at her stat table above, you'll notice that she has a To Hit value of 10 at the Demi-God level. Since every number of To Hit is equal to a 10% chance, this means she has a 100% chance of hitting her targets and inflicting damage. Not only on her ranged attacks but her melee as well! I would much rather have a hero with an attack of 15 and 100% To Hit than a hero with an attack of 35 and 30% To Hit.

Gee, I only gave her 1 1/2 stars. Hmmm, I might have to reconsider that rating. But compared to Allora The Elven Archer, Shuri pales in comparison.

I would definitely recommend Shuri to anyone, but let her go at the first opportunity for a better archer. I always try to have at least 1 archer among my heroes to handle those pesky Sky Drakes!

What random picks you should be praying for with Shuri:

Blade Master* (Super Blade Master if you're lucky),
Constitution, or

Since Shuri is an archer who often remains away from the center of a battle, the Agility skill is not that valuable for her. And why is Super Blade Master so valuable if she gets 100% To Hit at Demi-God level? Because Super Blade Master will give her a 100% chance To Hit before she reaches Demi-God level. So she will be inflicting maximum damage around the level of Lord or Grand Lord! If she winds up with anything other than these, I would think twice about hiring Shuri....

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Last Modified 7/14/96