Sir Harold The Knight
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 0 star

LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit
Hero 8 5 6 9 3
Demi-God 16 9 14 26 6

Fame Req'd 40
Hiring Cost 500 gold
Maintenance Free!
Skills None
Hero Skills Constitution, Super Leadership, Super Legendary, Noble
Rndm Skills 1 Fighter pick

Once again we have another "army" hero. If you got the chance to look at Mystic X you would see what I consider to be the ultimate combination of attributes for a "army" hero. Sir Harold is not quite that impressive, but he has a good enough combination of attributes to make you consider hiring him.

To begin with, he has Super Leadership. This is probably his main selling point. Once Sir Harold reaches Demi-God level, his Super Leadership will grant all normal troops fighting with him +4 melee, thrown, breath, and missile attack strength! Wow! Give him a squad of Ultra Elite Paladins, Hammerhands, or Rangers and you could almost take over the world! However, keep in mind they need to be NORMAL troops, not summoned creatures.

Next, Sir Harold is Super Legendary! I have expressed my feelings regarding Super Legendary with Spyder The Rogue, but in this case it might be different. Since he is leading an army, his Super Legendary will help your fame and in turn, save you money on your troops. Therefore, you can afford to give Sir Harold a squad of the most expensive units. By the time he reaches Demi-God, Sir Harold will be giving your wizard an extra 120 (40 x 3) fame! This will also allow you to raise the tax rate on your citizens without incurring too much unrest.

In addition to allowing you to raise your tax rate to make more money, Sir Harold is also a Noble. Although you still have to pay to get him -- either by hiring or summoning -- he will work for free and contribute 10 gold to your coffers each turn. This attribute is great at the start of the game when you are likely to be running short of gold. However, by the time you are collecting heroes like Sir Harold, gold should not be a problem. Therefore, I consider this pick a waste.

The last attribute that Sir Harold always comes with is Constitution which grants him more hit points. This means that he will be able to take a beating and stay alive. However, if he is travelling with a squad of 8 Paladins who get an extra +4 to their attack, I seriously doubt that he will be getting hurt much. Do you?

Finally, Sir Harold is granted 1 random fighter pick, which I think he seriously needs. Looking at his stats, he is not much of a fighter himself. Therefore, we are looking for at least two things:

Blade Master, or

This will either increase his accuracy to ensure he does maxium damage, or increase the amount of damage he does. Personally, I would rather have the accuracy then the extra melee attack strength. I have had too many heroes who have a ton of melee attack strength, but have trouble killing a group of spearmen because their To Hit is so low (30% base).

However, there is one other pick which would be beneficial for Sir Harold to have:

Arms Master.

Arms Master would help all of the troops stacked with Sir Harold gain experience faster. This would guarantee that the troops are already Elite (or Ultra Elite if you have Warlord) before they get the +4 to their attack strength.

I can see why Sir Harold is a Champion. But to be honest, I prefer heroes who can stand on their own and take out an army all by themselves. If you are a MoM player who is smart and patient enough to create an army to give to Sir Harold, I would grab him. However, if you are reckless and want a hero who moves too fast for an army to keep up with, wait a while. I'm about to show you one of the very best.

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