Death Stryke The Swordsman
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit
Hero 6 5 6 10 3
Demi-God 23 9 14 27 6

Fame Req'd 40
Hiring Cost 500 gold
Maintenance 10 gold per turn
Skills None
Hero Skills Constitution, Arms Master, Leadership, Legendary, Might
Rndm Skills 1 Fighter pick

Death Stryke is one of the ultimate "army" heroes. He is designed to lead an army and kick some ass.

Lets take a look at his stats, shall we:

First, he is an Arms Master, which means he provides experience points to all units stacked with him each turn. Watch a group of regular pikemen go to elite in no time! Its kinda like a savings account. You don't have to do anything but sit back and earn interest!

Second, Death Stryke has Leadership skills. So not only does he boost your troop's experience outside of combat, but he also boosts their attributes during combat! Of course, the higher his Leadership skill is, the more benefits your troops get from him!

Third, his acts of courage are Legendary and will help to raise your fame. This in turn will allow you to pay your troops less. This means that you can have a squadron of ass-kicking troops travelling along with Death Stryke, and it won't be as expensive. What a bargain!

Of course, Death Stryke is not only good for leading an army. He can whoop some butt himself. His Might gives him an attack of 23 at Demi-God and once properly equipped with a magic weapon, he can easily be doing 35-40 points of damage per melee attack!

He is also blessed with a high Constitution, which grants him more hit points. This is not as valuable as a high defense, but at least you know he can take a licking and keep on ticking. (Do I need permission from Timex© to say that?)

Finally, to make this gem shine a little brighter, Death Stryke gets 1 random fighter pick. Since he already has most of the valuable fighter picks, there are only two picks that could make him more awesome:

Blade Master

Blade Master would make sure his power-packed attacks do maximum damage. This would be fantastic.


He already has Might and Constution, so all that he is missing is Agility to increase his defense. With Agility, he would be your blood-spilling juggernaut marching across Arcanus and Myrror and no one could touch him!

Like all Champions, Death Stryke is pricey and your not likely to see him until later in the game, but I would thank my lucky stars if I got him with one of the picks listed above. Here is my favorite senario for using Death Stryke:

Death Stryke + Wind Walking + Endurance
8 Ultra Elite Paladins with Adamantium weapons

He could ferry this crack squad around the world in just a few turns and take out almost anything. Give it a try sometime!

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