Yramrag The Warlock
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 1 5 10 5 3 8 15
Demi-God 9 9 18 13 6 16 135

Fame Req'd 20
Hiring Cost 300 gold
Maintenance 6 gold per turn
Skills Missile Immunity
Hero Skills Spell Caster
Rndm Skills 1 Mage pick
Spells Lightning Bolt, Doom Bolt, Warp Lightning

A good hero with a ton of spell casting skill and some awesome combat spells, Yramrag is never a bad choice. Since he does not come equipped with Arcane Power, I can't say he is a great hero. However, with his 1 Mage pick, he does have the potential to be. Look for:

Arcane Power

Yramrag is an offensive hero. No, I don't mean he smells bad or curses a lot. What I mean is that his combination of spell skill and Chaos spells give him a distinct advantage when attacking in combat. Other examples of offensive heroes would be Malleus The Magician and Morgana The Witch. Is it any coincidence that they are all spell casters? Not really. Fighter heroes are good at attacking and defending since they deal in melee combat. But spell casters usually lean one way or the other. A good example of a defensive hero would be Zaldron The Sage.

Yramrag would be best suited to your "storm-trooper" army which terrorizes enemy cities and raids lairs. His Chaos spells can cut down some of the toughest units, normal or fantastic, and his magical ranged attacks will mop up the rest. He's not one of the best mage heroes, but I wouldn't pass him up.

P.S. Those familar with The DragonLance series might recognize the story of Yramrag from one of the short story collections. I forget the dark elf's name, but he was Raistlin's pupil, the one who betrayed Raistlin at the magic portal. Anybody remember this guy's name?...

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