Zaldron the Sage
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 1 4 6 5 3 6 7
Demi-God 9 8 14 13 6 14 67

Fame Req'd 0
Hiring Cost 100 gold
Maintenance 2 gold per turn
Skills None
Hero Skills Sage, Caster
Rndm Skills None
Spells Counter Magic, Dispel Magic True

Zaldron is a personal favorite of mine. His value is most appreciated at the time you are most likely to hire him -- at the start of the game. To begin with, Zaldron is a caster and has magical ranged attacks. Other than Serena the Healer, he is the only low-level hero to be blessed with this combination. Even more valuable is his Sage skill, which increases your wizards spell research by the level indicated. At the start of the game, when your wizards research pool is low and the spells being researched are not too demanding, Zaldron is incredibly helpful.

Even more helpful are the two spells Zaldron brings to your army. Sorcery's Counter Magic and Dispel Magic True are tremendously helpful to a player like myself who prefers Chaos and Life magic. Zaldron is a perfect home-defense system because he can protect your fortress so damn well. Any time your fortress is attacked, you get the first move. Always have Zaldron cast Counter Magic to prevent your enemies from casting spells. If they are lucky enough to get a spell or two off, you can have Zaldron use his Dispel Magic True to get rid of it. Since it is a "true" version of dispel magic, it is 3 times as strong for the same amount of mana. In between all this casting, he uses his magical ranged attacks to pick off enemy troops. Give Zaldron an enchanted Staff, especially using the spell save cheat feature, and he is amazing. Often times I will keep Zaldron throughout the game just to protect my fortress!

I would definitely recommend Zaldron The Sage, even more so to wizards without Sorcery spell books.

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Last Modified 7/14/96